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Consumer Purchasing Pattern and Behaviour Analysis †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Consumer Purchasing Behaviour Analysis. Answer: Introduction: The study of individuals, group or even an organisation in order to understand the process that these consumers use at the time of selecting a product or a service is called consumer behaviour (Solomon, 2014). The study of consumer behaviour is important because it helps the major marketers to know about the taste of the consumers that they can design theirmarketing or promotional factor accordingly. The aim of this study is to focus on the consumer purchasing pattern and analyse their purchasing behaviour. For the same reason, two respondents who have purchased iPhone 6 in the recent time have been interviewed. The analysis of the study is based on the response gathered from them. Background information of the product and the respondents Apples iPhone 6 offers the best features in its kind. It has bigger screen, better battery life and good memory that make the phone run really fast. It is harder, better, stronger and faster than ever. With iOS8 and a handful of additional other features, it has made the best phone till today. The price of the phone is definitely higher but with the features that it offers, the price seems to be worth of the purchase. The two respondents who have been interviewed are college going students who have a little craze on new and upgraded phones. Both of them were in their mid 20s. They were pursuing their education in the recent time. With the response gained from the interview it was clear that both of them wanted to have the best for them and wanted the latest option available in the market. As it has been evident price was not a matter of concern for them but they were looking for a piece that would satisfy their demand. Analysis of the respondents decision making process: Primary research The purchase decision of an individual depends on certain factors. The response gained from the two respondents can be analysed on the basis of the purchase decision making framework that is divided into five broad stages. However, it is not necessary that an individual goes through these five stages before making any purchase decision. Problem or need recognition stage: The primary stage of purchasing decision is the identification of the need to purchase the particular product. From the respondents it has been evident that there was a need for buying the iPhone so they purchased it. On one hand, the first respondent said that it was due to the major problems in his previous phone that made it necessary for him to make immediate purchase while the second respondent said that he just wants an upgraded version of the phone and so he purchased it. Information search: In this stage the consumers look for the particular product or service that would satisfy the need of the consumer. In this stage, the consumer can look for information from anywhere. It can be from another person or from the internet using the search engine a person can gain information about the product (Goh, Khim-Yong et al. 2013). It is important to gain information before making purchase there remains the possibility of comparing the product with others. From the response gained from the interviewed persons, it had been found that none of them actually made any kind of effort for searching and they completely relied on the Apples product. However, they had knowledge about the same product as their friends use same mobile sets. Evaluation of the Alternatives: Consumers often search for other alternatives as well before they make the purchase with the hope that they might get a better option than that. It helps the consumers to realise what product that they should buy for themselves (Kardes et al. 2014). The result gained from the respondents showed that both the respondents did not make that initiative to look for other alternatives before making the purchase decision. However, the first respondent said that he had experience with Samsung and he did not like the product while the second respondent was brand loyal and wanted to stick to the Apple brand only. Purchase decision: It is after making all kinds of judgmental decision and by evaluating all the possible options the consumer makes the attempt to purchase the product. There remain certain circumstances like price of the product that might change the final purchasing decision of the consumer (Xiang et al. 2015). In this phase it might happen that the primary decision made by the person changes with the consequent stages, but this is the final stage where the consumer makes the final purchase of the product. From the respondents it has been found that the first one made instant purchase from a shop because he was in a great need of a new phone, whereas the second person opted for the online purchase because his phone was in stable condition and he could wait for it. None of the respondent showed any kind of negative attitude regarding the price of the product and made their purchase. Post purchase behaviour: Post purchase behaviour tells about the experience of the consumers about using the product and how likely are they to make re-purchase of the product or would recommend others about the same. In this case, both the respondents were satisfied with their purchase and they were really happy about it. Clearly there remained the chance of making re-purchase. Analysis of the respondents decision making process: This section of the report relates the purchasing behaviour with the theories and concepts supported by major literature review. In the view point of Mullen Johnson, (2013), better knowledge of the consumers behaviour helps the marketers to understand how the consumers think, feel or act and what exactly keeps going on the mind of the consumers before they actually make the purchase. Mullen Johnson, (2013) further added that there are certain external factors as well that add to the behaviour of the consumers. These factors are the cultural background of the person or the environment where the person lives. It is also depended on the influence of other people who remain in the same context. The major activities that the marketers undertake in order to work according to the consumers purchasing decision involve pre-purchase and post-purchase activities. In the pre-purchase stage, the major aim is to create awareness about the product. In this phase, all the positive features of the product are highlighted and focus is also made on increasing the value of particular brand as well. Thus, branding plays an important part in the pre-purchasing stage (Malik et al. 2013). The post purchasing stage involves keeping a good reputation with the consumers. In order to do this, the marketers often have to evaluate the things that can make the consumers aggressive or annoyed with the product. The aim is to reduce this anxiety and create a better relationship that there remains the chance for re-purchasing of the product from the same consumer. Apart from the external factors, Badlani Singhal, (2016) pointed out that there are certain internal factors as well that affect the purchasing decision of the consumers. These factors include consumers personality and perception on a particular product. It is often considered that expensive and high branded products are necessary to maintain a social status. On the other hand, consumers perception towards a product or brand also matters. These two factors give positive implication towards a purchasing decision of a product whereas if the perception of an individual is not good towards a particular product it would not allow the consumer to buy the particular product. These instances are kept even at the time of packaging the product (Shah et al. 2013). The packaging and the promotion can play a great role in shaping the decision of the consumers and manipulate the same while selecting between two products. Price of the product is another vital element that determines the choice of the product for some consumers. However, branding can be considered as the major element that can easily manipulate the decision of the consumers on purchasing a particular product (Seta, 2013). Conclusion and Recommendations: The report analysed the consumer purchasing behaviour and how important it is for the marketers to think about better ways of understanding the consumer purchasing behaviour and design theirmarketing and promotional contents likewise. The report is based on both primary and secondary research. From the primary research, it has been evident that there are certain factors that play the major role at the time of making the purchase decision. Brand value, features of the product and the price of the product are the major things that are considered before making any purchase. Therefore, these features should be considered for improving the sales of the product. It can be recommended that in order to shape the consumers buying behaviour it is important to make them loyal towards the brand. This can be achieved by following major branding process. References: Badlani, M. Singhal, D.K., 2016. A Study on Value Added Service in Fuel Retailing: Impacting Consumer Buying Behavior.The International Journal of Business Management,Vol 4 no (1), p.246. Forbes, L.P., 2013. Does social media influence consumer buying behavior? An investigation of recommendations and purchases.Journal of Business Economics Research (Online),Vol 11 no (2), p.107. Goh, K.Y., Heng, C.S. Lin, Z., 2013. Social media brand community and consumer behavior: Quantifying the relative impact of user-and marketer-generated content.Information Systems Research,Vol 24 no. (1), pp.88-107. Kardes, F., Cronley, M. Cline, T., 2014.Consumer behavior. Cengage Learning. Malik, M.E., Ghafoor, M.M., Iqbal, H.K., Ali, Q., Hunbal, H., Noman, M. Ahmad, B., 2013. Impact of brand image and advertisement on consumer buying behavior.World Applied Sciences Journal,Vol 23 no (1), pp.117-122. Mullen, B. Johnson, C., 2013.The psychology of consumer behavior. Psychology Press. Sata, M., 2013. Factors affecting consumer buying behavior of mobile phone devices.Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences,Vol 4 no (12), p.103. Shah, S., Ahmed, A. and Ahmad, N.A.W.A.Z., 2013. Role of packaging in consumer buying behavior.International Review of Basic and Applied Sciences,Vol 1 no (2), pp.35-41. Solomon, M.R., 2014.Consumer behavior: Buying, having, and being(Vol. 10). Engelwood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall. Xiang, Z., Magnini, V.P. Fesenmaier, D.R., 2015. Information technology and consumer behavior in travel and tourism: Insights from travel planning using the internet.Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services,Vol 22, pp.244-249.

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The Element Chlorine Essay Example For Students

The Element: Chlorine Essay The Element: ChlorineGeneral InformationWe researched the chemical element known as chlorine. Chlorine hasan atomic number of 17 and an atomic weight of 35.453. It has avalence number of 3. The element has 3 energy levels. Chlorine existsas a greenish-yellow gas at normal temperatures and pressures. Chlorineis second in reactivity only to fluorine among the halogen elements. Chlorine is a nonmetal. It is estimated that 0.045% of the earthscrust and 1.9% of sea water are chlorine. Chlorine combines withmetals and nonmetals and organic materials to form hundreds ofchlorine compounds. Chlorine is about 2.5 times as dense as air andmoderately soluble in water, forming a pale yellowish green solution. Chlorine is so reactive that it never occurs free in nature. We will write a custom essay on The Element: Chlorine specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now Chemical PropertiesChlorine is in the halogen family, and like all the otherhalogen elements chlorine has a strong tendency to gain one electronand become a chloride ion. Chlorine readily reacts with metals to formchlorides, most of which are soluble in water. Chlorine also reactsdirectly with many nonmetals such as sulfur, phosphorus, and otherhalogens. Chlorine can support combustion; if a candle were to be throwninto a vessel of chlorine, it would continue to burn, releasing dense,black clouds of smoke, The chlorine combines with hydrogen of theparaffin, forming hydrogen chloride, and uncombined carbon is left inthe form of soot. Soot is black residue from fuel. Chlorine replacesiodine and bromine from their salts. Dry chlorine is somewhat inert ornot able to move, but moist chlorine unites directly with most of theelements. HistoryChlorine was discovered in 1774 by Karl Scheele. Humphry Davyproved that chlorine was an element. Extensive production began 100years later. During the 20th Century. The amount of Chlorine used wasconsidered a measure of industrial growth. In, 1975 chlorineproductions ranked seventh on the list of largest-volume chemicalsproduced in the United States. The importance of chlorine has changedas new uses have been added. In 1925 paper and pulp used over one-half . The chlorine made and chemical products only 10%. By the 1960spaper and pulp use accounted for only 15-17% and the chemical usesincreased to 75-80%. Peoples uses have contributed to the growth oflarge cities, and new textiles, plastics, paints, and miscellaneous useshave raised mans standard of living. Many large companies are basedprimarily on the manufacture of chlorine and its compounds. In 197817% of the United States production went into the production of vinylchloride monomer. Other chlorinated organics consumed 48 % of UnitedStates Production. Toxicity and PrecautionsChlorine was used in World War I as a poison gas. In factmost poisonous gases have chlorine in them. Chlorine is very corrosiveto moist tissue and has a very irritating effect on the lungs andmucous membranes of the nose and throat. Inhalation of chlorine gascan cause edema of the lungs and respiratory stoppage. When hydrogenand chlorine gases are mixed together, the mixture is stable if keptin a cool, dark place. If heated or exposed to sunlight, the mixtureexplodes. Chlorine is easily liquefied and usually transported in itsliquid state in pressurized drums. Great care must be taken, however,to prevent the containers from bursting and liberating large amountsof the gas. In the United States most European countries, largequantities of chlorine may only be transported by train. The presenttrend is to limit the transport of chlorine as much as possible byproducing and using the element in the same location. .u0c5e2c4e8d0b9b6a4e02943301334fcb , .u0c5e2c4e8d0b9b6a4e02943301334fcb .postImageUrl , .u0c5e2c4e8d0b9b6a4e02943301334fcb .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u0c5e2c4e8d0b9b6a4e02943301334fcb , .u0c5e2c4e8d0b9b6a4e02943301334fcb:hover , .u0c5e2c4e8d0b9b6a4e02943301334fcb:visited , .u0c5e2c4e8d0b9b6a4e02943301334fcb:active { border:0!important; } .u0c5e2c4e8d0b9b6a4e02943301334fcb .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u0c5e2c4e8d0b9b6a4e02943301334fcb { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u0c5e2c4e8d0b9b6a4e02943301334fcb:active , .u0c5e2c4e8d0b9b6a4e02943301334fcb:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u0c5e2c4e8d0b9b6a4e02943301334fcb .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u0c5e2c4e8d0b9b6a4e02943301334fcb .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u0c5e2c4e8d0b9b6a4e02943301334fcb .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u0c5e2c4e8d0b9b6a4e02943301334fcb .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u0c5e2c4e8d0b9b6a4e02943301334fcb:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u0c5e2c4e8d0b9b6a4e02943301334fcb .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u0c5e2c4e8d0b9b6a4e02943301334fcb .u0c5e2c4e8d0b9b6a4e02943301334fcb-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u0c5e2c4e8d0b9b6a4e02943301334fcb:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Is Advertising Ethical? EssayUsesChlorine has many great uses. Chlorine is an excellentoxidizing agent. At first. The use of Chlorine was used as ableaching agent in the paper, pulp, and textile industries and as agermicide for drinking water preparation swimming pool purification, andhospital sanitation has made community living possible. Chlorine is used in bleaching as said before. The bleachingaction of chlorine in aqueous solution is due to the formation ofhypochlorous acid, a powerful oxidizing agent. If a colored, oxidizablematerial is present, hypochlorous acid releases its oxygen to oxidizethe material to a colorless compound. Liquid bleach is usually anaqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite, and dry powder bleachescontain chloride of lime. Since chlorine destroys silk and wool,commercial hypochlorite bleaches should never be used on these fibers. Chlorine is also used as a disinfectant. The oxidizing abilityof chloride of lime enables it to destroy bacteria; therefore largeamounts are used to treat municipal water systems. This chemical isalso used in swimming pools and for treating sewage. Chlorine is used as rock salt. Sodium chloride, NaCl, is useddirectly as mined (rock salt), or as found on the surface, or asbrine also known as salt water. It can be dissolved, purified, andreprecipated or given in return for use in foods or when chemicalpurity is required. Its main uses are in the production of soda ashand chlorine products. The form uses it as refrigeration, dust, andice control, food processing, and food preservation. Calcium chloride,CaCl2, is usually obtained from salt water or as a by product ofchemical processing. Its main uses are road treatment, coal treatment,and concrete conditioning. In addition to these products, for which chlorine is needed,various other chlorine compounds play an important part in chemistryand the chemical industry. The chlorides of most metals are easilysoluble in water, which widens their applicability. Some otherimportant compounds are the chlorates, the perchlorates, and thehypochlorites. Hydrochloric acid is one of the most frequently usedacids. PreparationThe most important method for preparation of chlorine is theelectrolysis of a solution of common salt, sodium chloride. Thechlorine gas is liberated at the positive anode or positively chargedelectrode, which is made of graphite since a metal anode would reactwith chlorine. At the iron cathode or negatively charged electrode,sodium ions are reduced to sodium metal, which reacts immediately withwater to form sodium hydroxide. Another method of preparing chlorine is by the electrolysis ofmolten salt. This process is used specifically to produce sodium, andthe chlorine is a commercial by product. When large quantities ofwaste hydrochloric and are available. Chlorine may be recovered byoxidation of the acid. This method has the advantage of convertinggreat quantities of waste acid to useful substances. No matter what process is used to prepare chlorine, the gasmust be well dried. Dry chlorine is much less corrosive than moistchlorine gas. In the laboratory chlorine may be prepared by heatingmanganese oxide with hydrochloric acid. ConclusionIn conclusion chlorine is a very wonderful element. Chlorine hashundreds of compounds. If we did not have these compounds we wouldnot have clean water, we would have an insect problem, we could notmake many important compounds that are used in medicine, and some ofthe battles in World War I might have been lost if it were not forchlorine. Our world would not be the same if not for chlorine.

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Study of the conflict at the Burial at Thebes The WritePass Journal

Study of the conflict at the Burial at Thebes Study of the conflict at the Burial at Thebes Introduction The conflicts between the major characters in The Burial at Thebes are concerned mainly with three important issues that continue to be relevant to different times and cultures. When we look at the meaning of conflict we can say it can be defined as ;   the struggle or clash between opposing forces,or opposition between two simultaneous but incompatible wishes or drives, sometimes leading to a state of   emotional tension Collins English Dictionary 2005.p355. When we look at the play itself, the major characters are Antigone, her sister Ismene and Creon the King of Thebes. The play revolves around the burial of Polyneices, brother of Antigone, who was killed in battle and the observance of specific funeral rites that were the custom of the that time. It was a decision, by Creon of how this burial was to be   carried out that caused the conflict   between these major characters,   although the issues underlying this conflict ran much deeper than that. Antigone,   would not accept the decree of King Creon, who said that Polyneices would not be allowed a normal funeral with full honours , as befitting a soldier dying on the battlefield, because he had declared   him a traitor and enemy of the state . His body would be publicly dishonoured by being   ;- dumped, disposed of like a carcass, left out for the birds to feed on, if you so much as throw him the common handful of clay youll have committed a crime,and whoever breaks this law,Ill have them stoned to   death.   Seamus Heaney 2004 ,The Burial at Thebes p.2,and 3. Although in ancient Greece at that time women were not   allowed to speak in the Council and had hardly any civil rights they did   have certain funereal roles regarding laying to rest and lamentations for   the deceased . Therefore, Antigone had some justification in her assertion that her remaining   brother should have proper funeral rites. However, Creon a newly appointed King   was not in a very secure position and had to assert his authority over his subjects by being a firm ruler. The crown being thrust upon him as he was next in line and having declared Polyneices a traitor would not change his mind. Thus the area of conflict ensued, and both being characters of very strong wills neither would back down. Therefore the issues that have arisen between these major characters can be summarised as the following:- Firstly, is the question of conscience for Antigone, concerning personal and family loyalty against   obedience to the King and Country, and which should take precedence. In this instance should Antigone go against the Kings wishes and bury her brother with due dignity, on penalty of death, or obey the decree of King Creon and allow him to be publicly dishonoured as a traitor?. In this instance she justifies her position as being in accordance   with the law of the gods to honour the dead which is above that of of the King and the law of the land. It   therefore raises a conflict of loyalties between   public morality over private duty, and which should prevail.   Secondly there is the issue of womens rights and gender issues when living   in a male dominated society , as highlighted by  Ã‚   Ismene   saying;-   two women on our own faced with a death-decree. Women ,defying   Creon?.Its not a womans place. Were weak they are strong. Seamus Heaney ,The Burial at Thebes 2004 p.5. Ismene in this instance is portraying the weaker compliant feminine position while Antigone could be seen as showing the stronger masculine side . This issue is also highlighted several times later in the play when Creon referring to Antigone says;-Have I to be the woman of the house and take her orders?. No woman will dictate the law to me and women were never meant for this assembly,from now on theyll be kept in their place again Seamus Heaney Burial at Thebes 2004 p22,24,27. The final area of conflict involves excessive pride or hubris and nemesis or retribution as a result. This   is an area of great interest for the Greeks and often featured in their literature. In the play Creon disregards the advice of the fortune teller and the pleas of his son, and with his stubborn character insists on carrying out his decision despite the consequences to have Antigone punished. The punishment is death for disobeying his orders and Creon refused to rescind this   until it was too late, thereby paying the ultimate penalty of losing his wife ,son and future daughter in law, as a result of his actions. These conflicts between the the major characters with Creon representing the state and inflexible government and Antigone embodying individual freedom, championing justice and individual rights and the urge to rebel. While Ismene representing the softer subservient side conforming to the rules especially as a woman in a male dominated society, have similarities with issues that continue to be relevant to different times and cultures. When Antigone was performed in France in 1942 it was surprisingly not banned by the occupying Germans, despite the fact that Antigone could be seen as representing France championing individual freedom when   Creon could be seen as portraying the occupying German forces and Ismene the Vichy government. The situation in Northern Ireland was also seen as an example of how the individual characters of Antigone and Ismene   could be used to illuminate the conflict;- that is in individuals as well as in society,representing two   opposing influences that often co-exist :the impulse to rebel and the impulse to conform for the sake of a quiet life OBrien C.C. (1968) The Listener ,reprinted in AA100 The Arts Past and Present Cultural Encounters Book 3 p221. Further comparisons can be made when after   9/11 regarding a new sense of the plays relevance Heaney said;-  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   There was the general worldwide problem where considerations of state security posed serious threats to human rights. Then there was the   obvious parallel between George W. Bush and Creon AA100 The Arts Past and Present Cultural Encounters Book 3 p.222. This comparison was further enhanced when considering the invasion of Iraq and the â€Å"war on terror† when George W. Bush and the   White House   Administration asked if you are in favour of state security or not ? If you dont support the eradication of this tyrant in Iraq and the threat he poses you are on the wrong side in the war on terror Heaney (2004) Progamme note,for Abbey Theatre Production of the Burial at Thebes, 2004.   AA100 Cultural Encounters, Book 3, p227.   This can be likened to the situation with Creon when he addresses the Citizens of Thebes and says   in effect that if you support   me you are a patriot but if you support a woman who has disobeyed the   law this in itself is a traitorous act so you, therefore in turn become a traitor, which becomes an either/or choice. Whoever isnt for us      Is   against us in this case. Heaney (2004) The Burial at Thebes,p3. The final example of the relevance and conflict of its characters  Ã‚   when Nelson Mandela was in prison where   they put on the play Antigone and he played the part of Creon. Mandela saw the character as somewhat of heroic figure, as he would not give in, even under the most trying circumstances and   used the conflict between Antigone and Creon as an inspiration for his own struggle for freedom. When we look at the reasons why the original play was enacted in Ancient Greece, we can confirm that it was put on for primarily a male audience and no slaves or women were allowed. Females took no part in public life at that time and were seen as second class citizens as witnessed by the attitude of Creon. The audience were also members of the assembly or court and had to attend as part of their   civic duties and going to the play as a duty showed them how it was relevant to their life at that time by putting the audience in the shoes of the characters. The actors wore masks to i dentify their personalities by typifying an expression and the whole production was designed to educate in a moralistic way, and also teach about leadership and democracy. The subject of the play is a tragedy , where a major figure or hero   has apparently everything but then falls from grace mainly due to a flaw in his (or her)character , in a conflict of the mind and cannot escape from their beliefs. In Burial at Thebes the stories of Antigone, Creon and Ismene can be seen as tragic   raising issues with conflicts of loyalty, duty, individual   rights, divine law and justice. These conflicts also moulded by a style of leadership which can be seen as patriotic, but merciless and blindly inflexible and are all human issues that continue to be relevant as much today as well as in the passage of time since the original play was written in the 5th century BCE. Bibliography Collins English Dictionary seventh edition   2005,Harper Collins,Glasgow. Seamus Heaney (2004) The Burial at Thebes, Faber and Faber,London. Hardwick,L.(2008) Cultural Encounters in R.D.Brown(ed) Seamus Heaneys ,The Burial at Thebes, (AA100 Book 3) , Milton Keynes, TheOpen University,pp 183-235.

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Source Analysis - Accounts of Louis XIV Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Source Analysis - Accounts of Louis XIV - Essay Example got complete opportunity of introducing and applying his own political, economic and legal policies regarding the administration of country as well as foreign affairs of the monarch. He played decisive role in both peace and war times and France observed triumphs in many wars against England, Denmark and other neighboring countries under his leadership. The grand monarchy left a legacy of financial bankruptcy for his successors, who had to pay ransom amount of his misdeeds and lust for capturing more and more territories of the neighboring countries. One of the given documents has been written by Marquise De Sevigne, who was a French aristocrat of famous Burgundian family. She had developed great taste for writing and maintained command over letter-writing and correspondence in which she used to depict the royal personalities and their activities in a dexterous and refined manner. Her letters, later published by her grand-daughter in 1725, portrayed the political situation of her times and presented significant information of some specific political issue in a prà ©cised but comprehensive way. The given letter was written in 1671 and portrays the King Louis XIV and the procedure of his court in a magnificent way. This letter was written on 26th of April, 1671, at a time when the King had decided to wage a war against Holland in order to subjugate the poor country by threatening her and seizing her territories to get heavy war indemnity and leave long term fear of France over Holland. The royal court spent a lot on such adventures and the masses had to suffer a lot in the form of heavy taxation. The poor peasantry had to bear the brunt of the extravaganza consumed on dinners and drinks of the royal adventures. The Kind went out to see his commander to remote area of Chantilly, which cost a lot to the nation. Moreover, a luxurious dinner had been planned in the forest to enjoy the moments and entertain the nobility so that their unconditional support could be

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Profit and Loss Account Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Profit and Loss Account - Coursework Example The indirect costs (those that cannot be directly attributed to generating revenue) are then deducted from the gross profit to give a net income figure. A single profit and loss account provides information about how much it costs to generate sales, and how much room for manoeuvre the business has before an increase in the costs of generating those sales causes the business to become unviable (e.g. raw materials may increase to a point where it is no longer financially viable to make a particular product). This can be shown by considering the gross profit as a percentage of the sales revenue. The same can be applied to the indirect expenses of the business. Monitoring these costs can indicate when a particular supplier is becoming too expensive, and the business should look for another supplier who offers better value for money. The net profit figure, as a percentage of the sales revenue indicates the total effect of all costs relating to the business and whether the business continu es to be viable and generates profits for the owner (in this case Peter).Peter’s profit and loss account indicates that he rents property rather than owning his own factory or workshop. The depreciation figure is not broken down, which means that the type of assets that are subject to depreciation cannot be seen, although the motor expenses indicate that the business probably owns some form of motor vehicle.

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Chapter 8 mini case #350 S Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Chapter 8 mini #350 S - Case Study Example Timmy works on part-time basis and thus he does not belong to the group of employees that are entitled to annual paid leave. He is only entitled to paid public holidays over and above the off-duty time he enjoys as a part-time worker. The labour agreement that Aldrich produces to support his request for paid leave is a collective bargain that does not cover employees in his category. Employees are entitled to an annual paid leave of two weeks after working in Smedley Bottled Gas for one calendar year from the date of hiring. It is true that Aldrich was hired one year ago and that the labour agreement cover all employees. However, it would not make economic sense for an employee who reports on duty only on Friday afternoons to request for a paid leave. In this case, Aldrich should not be given the paid leave and because of his irate response, the reasons for this should be clearly explained to him. This would avoid any instance where he would think that there is discrimination and profiling in the company and that he is looked down upon by the company’s management (Society for Human Resource Management,

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Suggested market strategy for Nandos restaurant chain

Suggested market strategy for Nandos restaurant chain It is an individual report outlining a suggested marketing strategy, focusing in detail on one of the target markets, for the future marketing direction of the chosen organisation(NANDOS) in dealing with the issues and problems identified. It is based on the swot and twos analysis done on nandos. According to the earlier research done on nandos the formulation of appropriate aims and objectives and critically discussion of the strategic choices is done. IdentifIcation and discussion of the image and positioning strategy is also done which is described by a tactical marketing plan, discussing in detail any relevant marketing mix activity. The swot analysis and marketing mix plans of its competitors is described. The aim is to concentrate on marketing strategies rather than focusing on wider corporate strategic management issues. The main focus of this assignment is on developing an appropriate tactical marketing mix plan for a recommended strategy and demonstrating evidence of wider research and reading. Nandos is one of the fastest growing restaurant chain with a portugese/Mozambique theme. Nandos is known as the home of legendary grilled peri peri chicken. Nandos was born in 1987.earlier it was named as chicken land, but was renamed again after its founder Mr. Fernando Duarte. Started in Southern Johannesburg, South Africa with a Portuguese/Mozambican theme. It was formed by two friends Fernando Duarte and Robert Broz in africa. It has specialty of fresh-flamed grill chicken spiced with Periphery sauce, indigenous Its growth can be seen with the fact that there are around 700 restaurants in 29 countries. It launched its first restaurant in UK in 1992 and now has more than 200 Nandos in here. . FUNCTIONS It is a restaurant dedicated to people with an craving for life, people who love to laugh and exist to eat. At Nandos we believe in our flame-grilled Periphery Chicken, we believe its the best in the world. Taste the only one of its kind essence and fire of our Periphery chicken which is only one of its type. Nandos is of the finest restaurant chain in the world as it promises to offer a world class chicken experience at reasonable prices with unfailing quality, value and dedication to its consumers. Human Resource Team: Nandos earlier known as chickenland originated from South Africa.It is chain of chicken restaurants, which arrived in the UK in 1992. Nandos has around 137 restaurants with a staff of 2,000 and an HR team of 30. Each restaurant has a team of two buddies who are in charge of HR department . ( Nandos management focuses on giving friendly and prompt services to customers.It also focuses on placing a strong emphasis on staff motivation, believing that happy employees are the key to provide good customer service. Every restaurant manager is known as a Patraos meaning Portuguese for head of the family. Area managers are known as MDs and each has a fun budget to hold parties and days out for staff.The management is considered to be very important in running the restaurants. FINANCE Nandos has been growing as a restaurant at a rapid has about 700 eateries in about 29 countries with the operating profits of about $140 million. iIt was launched in the UK and Ireland itself in 1992 and now has 217 restaurants here, all directly owned and operated.Whereas in its originating country i.e South Africa,it has about 250 outlets which are franchises. Most of its other markets are populated by franchises. (Business Times Online, UK) One of the most important marketing tool is 7 ps of marketing: 7 Ps of MARKETING: 7 ps of marketing include physical evidence, place, price, product, process, promotion and people. PHYSICAL EVIDENCE: Nandos popularity could be easily judged by looking through its ongoing increasing locations around the globe.Its roots can be seen in almost all growing nations. It is spread in around 31 countries which include: Australia, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Botswana, Canada, Cyprus, Fiji, India, Ireland, Kuwait, Lebanon, Lesotho, Malawi, Malaysia, Mauritius, Namibia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Nandos is doing extremely good and spreading its spreading very fast around the globe. . PLACE: Place is reffered as the locations around the globe.It aims at describing the the total number of outlets. Nandos is positioned in around 31 countries with more than 700 restaurants and is still growing rapidly. PRICE Penetration pricing: It is based on keeping the offering low priced to grab the maximum market share Competition pricing:- In this the focus on price is less as compared to  non price competition  items such as location and service Psychological pricing:- This is market based approach where the customer psyche is intensely affected. PRODUCT Nandos Product portfolio primarily comprises of flame grilled Periphery chicken which is the main focus of customers.The chicken is mainly served in quarters,halves and wholes. Cold drinks, shakes, ice tea , appetizer are also served at a nominal price. Nandos also serves burgers, pitas, salads, wings and wraps. In some countries, Nandos sells chicken livers, Espetada (a large stand with a skewer of chicken breast and grilled peppers) and the Cataplana (a chicken and rice dish served in a traditional Portuguese copper dish). ( It also manufactures a range of sauces which include Peri-Peri sauces, marinades, cooking sauces and a Peri-Peri Essence. ( PROCESS Amazing taste with nutrition -The chicken provided is lower in fat with great taste and high on protein. Freshly prepared Premium chicken are selected for Nandos. Then they are trimmed for excess fat and marinated in Peri-Peri sauce for 24 hours for the amazing taste. Thrilling Grilling Chicken is properly grilled naked on an open flame resulting in lower cholesterol and fat. And is basted on customer preference like lemon and herb, mild or extra hot Peri-Peri. Uses 100% natural ingredients and no preservatives, flavors, colors and no added MSG. PROMOTION 360 ° promotional techniques are used. For winning prizes and discounts scratch cards are given when an order is placed on various combo meal. Special offers like value meals offer greater value for money for the customer PEOPLE Friendly and prompt services to customers. Appropriate interpersonal skills, aptitude, and service knowledge. Responsiveness, reliability, assurance, empathy are the KRAs Transforming the transaction value to the customer life time value. OPERATIONS Nandos is known for its overwhelming staff. They give their best to make it a lifetime experience for the customers. I interviewed some crowd to judge about their experiences in nandos and according to the people it was one of the best restaurants experience for them. Best known for its peri-peri chicken which is really mouth watering. Even if the restaurant is busy the order placed comes to you in less than 10 -15 minutes. Unlike other restaurants the staff cooperates instead of annoying the guests. One of the best part about nandos is that it has options for vegetarian people too.There are some varieties of options to choose from pastries and other desserts priced between  £2 to  £3.The service is very quick and wonderful. One can choose from different varieties of menu. So nandos could be an lifetime and mouthwatering experience for the people. COMPETITOR ANALYSIS POSITIONING OF COMPETITORS: MC DONALDS It positions itself as the leader in quick service restaurants. In order to maintain dominance, they market to a younger set of persons, much in the same way that our Im Lovin It campaign does. KFC KFC corporation positions itself as the worlds most popular chicken restaurant chain, specializing in extra crispy fried chicken, Twister and Colonels Crispy Strips chicken with home style ideas which are different from others SWOT MATRIX OF McDonalds Here are some major strengths,weakness,oppurtunities and threats of mc donalds are described. Strengths McDonalds is considered as a market leader in both the domestic and international markets. It has an efficient food preparation style that follows the process in a systematic way The food is cheap and lots of variety is available. Weaknesses High renting cost and high fixed cost. Price competition with the competitors resulting in low revenue. There is lack of product innovation as the same menu is being used from a long time. Opportunities It can adapt to the needs of the societies and undergo an innovative product line McDonalds still has plans for more international expansion. Threats The companys aggressive international expansion. Foreign currency fluctuation as it uses standard pricing for its food items. SWOT ANALYSIS OF KFC Strengths KFC has strong trademark recipes. Ranks highest among all chicken restaurants for its convenience and menu variety. Distribution strategy. Weaknesses Admitted inability to provide quality service. Lack of knowledge about their customers. Conflicts between KFC and PepsiCo cultures. Opportunities Overseas expansion with the rapid economic growth. Updating restaurants. Threats Increasing wage rates directly affect menu prices. Changing customer demands. BRAND AUDIT KFC McDonalds Brand image Bucket chicken, wings of chicken, their mascot Chicken burgers, cone ice cream, Ronald What is your perception towards the customer Enjoy Crispy Chicken Experienced service which is the industry standard. Roles these brand play in your life Global Appeal Global appeal with providing best service in industry What is the reason for going there To have chicken served A multi fast food choice Level of awareness High High PESTLE Pestle is an abbreviation for the factors that should be understood by a company as part of its environmental analysis. It is described as: P Political E Economic S Social/Cultural T Technological L Legal E Environmental. OPPORTUNITIES THREATS Opportunities Threats People are more open to experiment with food now a day. Rapid growth in food industry International expansion Demographic trends Rapid economic growth Strength of competition. Rising sale of substitute goods. ex- Mc Donalds cheap chicken mayo burger (99p). Mature/overstored industry. More health-conscious consumers. Loyalty enjoyed by the present competitors. Economic downturn Internal Factors (IFAS Table) External Factors (EFAS Table)TOWS MATRIX Strengths (S) Branching (29 countries) Its fresh (never frozen) marinated for 24 hours Grilled to order (healthy) Customer able to choose level of spice in food. In the UK itself 214 restaurant Every restaurant is unique individually design 2010 one of the worlds top 30 hottest marketing brands Weaknesses (W) Menu updating cycle is too long Less care for religion and vegetarian costumer High renting cost , fixed cost Relatively high food price Health problem about grilling food Traditional grill food cant satisfy all the costumers. Does not provide online ordering Opportunities (O) People are more open to experiment with food now a day. Rapid growth in food industry International expansion Demographic trends Rapid economic growth S-O Strategies There are room for more international expansion (S1, O3) Increase number of outlet in current market (S1, S5, O1, O2) Increase marketing effort on healthy food (S2, S3, O1) Adding new menu items (S3, O1) W-O Strategies Add more food categories (w1 w2 w6 o1) Add online service with home delivering (w7 o2) Decrease the fixed cost of the food (w2 w3 05) Threats (T) Strength of competition. Rising sale of substitute goods. ex- Mc Donalds cheap chicken mayo burger (99p). Mature/overstored industry. More health-conscious consumers. Loyalty enjoyed by the present competitors. Economic downturn. S-T Strategies Open more outlets/Expand internationally (T1, T5, S1, S5) Cut the product prices (T1, T2, T6, S2, S3, S4) Start Home-delivery. (T1, S5, S7) Increase marketing efforts (T1, T3, S1, S5, S7) Attract more customers. (T3, T5, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7) Enhance the food making standards. (T1, T4, S2, S3, S4) W-T Strategies 1. Should come out with some cheap products to compete with others.(w4,t2) 2. Must use more healthy ingredients to attract the health conscious population.(w-5,t-4) 3. Need to focus on strategies to gain more profit in economic downturn position(w3,t6) 4. must come with more vegetarian products to attract the crowd.(t1,w2) TARGET MARKET PROFILE: Age: 18 30 year old (Generation y) Gender: Male and Female Income: Moderate to high Occupation: Students and Young Independent People Social class: Middle to Upper Class Risk perception: Low risk Needs-motivation: Sports and independent images Brand loyalty: Strong STRENGTH Branching (31 countries) Its fresh (never frozen) marinated for 24 hours Grilled to order (healthy) Customer able to choose level of spice in food. In the UK itself 214 restaurant Every restaurant is unique individually design 2010 one of the worlds top 30 hottest marketing brands CSF/CA MARKETING Critical Success Factors (CSFs) are the critical factors or activities required for ensuring the success of the business. The term was initially used in the world of data analysis , and business Analysis.( Critical Success Factor (CSF) Marketing can help Nandos in the following areas of their business: SEO and SEM Social Media Marketing QR Codes Email Campaigns Trade Magazine Advertising Mobile Marketing Lets take the example of the famous social networking website and see how it can benefit Nandos and how the brand name can be promoted using the World Wide Web: Social Media Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc is huge right now. Facebook has over 500 million active users and uses a targeting system for delivering ads that works. More than 500 million active users. 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day. Average user has 130 friends. People spend over 70 0 billion minutes per month on Facebook. Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events Average user creates 90 pieces of content each month More than 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each month. More than 70 translations available on the site Using demographics and geographic analysis, ads should be targeted to the right sex, age group, metropolitan or national areas Facebook really delivers. Setting up smart campaigns for your wall posts and ads is crucial.. Custom pages can also be built listing your services, promotions, and more. Facebook determines the location of a user based on IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, which can help identify the country or city where a user is physically located. If a user has listed a current address on their profile, they may see ads targeted to that location, regardless of where they are currently located. So masses can easily be reached and brand can be promoted easily with the direct technique.